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Underground Subterranean River
Situated about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea.

One of the longest navigable underground rivers in the world which features cathedral-like caverns and domes. The stalactites and stalagmites formation resembles like religious images, fruits and birds. Truly, an admirable underworld that project the omnipotence of the Creator over human hands. The Underground River is home to other cove dwelling fauna.

Puerto Princesa Monkey Trail
Monkey Trail with its series of wooden paths to the forest. Try a fun hike; with lots of rails, bridges, and stairs while marveling at the natural environment.

Puerto Princesa Trails/Jungle
Trek Locals calls it cross-country hiking. A jungle trek from the northeastern edge of Puerto Princesa at the coastal village of San Rafael to the western side which is Cabayugan, or vice versa. Lush rainforests, and the reclusive wildlife are the interesting facets of the arduous trek. The area has a generally impressive terrain ranging from gently rolling to hilly and mountainous landforms.

Puerto Princesa Scuba Diving
Palawan waters are among the best in the world. A divers paradise, it has miles of sub-surface coral and rainbow reef walls which surround the coasts and coves teeming with rich marine life.

Puerto Princesa Snorkeling/Island Hopping
Honda Bay provides visitors to Puerto Princesa City a chance to view nature without having a plan for a long trip. One might plan for day's island hopping, swimming and snorkeling or even just an afternoon picnic on a deserted sandbar all your own.

Puerto Princesa City Tour
Palawan Museum, Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm and Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center - all accessible in a day trip, capped off by a night out at any of Puerto Princesa's many interesting dining and entertainment places.

Puerto Princesa River Kayaking Safari/River Cruise
Experience a river kayaking safari of Babuyan River for that great outdoor adventure! Others worth exploring are the mangrove-lined Bahile and Kayulo Rivers, the scenic Tanabag River and Langogan River up north, and the tranquil Iwahig and Inagawan Rivers south of the city proper.

Puerto Princesa Bay Cruise
Tour along the inlet of Puerto Princesa Bay. See the seaport, Iwahig river, and the Cathedral which are the landmarks of Puerto Princesa City.

Puerto Princesa Sunset Cruise/Firefly Watching
A trip around Puerto Princesa Bay at sundown. Watch the sun descend along the horizon. When the night falls, enjoy the magical experience of watching the fireflies illuminate the mangroves.

Puerto Princesa Arts, Culture and Heritage
Galeri Kamarikutan and see a showcase of Palawan endemic orchids and forest trees. It features monthly art exhibits and performances and welcomes “just about anyone who appreciates nature-based philosophy.” Galeri Kamarikutan through the mother-daughter tandem of Nanay Dayang Macasaet and Dinggot Prieto has been conferred by the City Government the “Mayor’s Award” for valuable contribution to the preservation of Puerto Princesa City’s rich cultural heritage by promoting ethnic arts and culture.


UNDERGROUND RIVER - Puerto Princesa city subterreanean River National Park is a World Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO on December 4, 1999. The Worlds Longest Navigable Underground River and Now one of the & Wonders of Nature.
The primary tour destination PPUR has the worlds navigable Underground river with its spectacular rock stalactites and stalagmites formation that made it to be among the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and awarded as RAMSAR site.

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Tour inclusions: boat, buffet lunch, entrance fee, permits, tourguide, Roundtrip van transportation from hotel,

UNDERGROUND RIVER WITH UGONG ROCK ZIPLINE - this is a combination underground river tour and ugong rock climbing with zipline tour - - its main treat is a climb into the caves inner sanctum of ancient stalactites and up to the summit viewdeck for an exhilarating plunge down to a 350 meter zipline of pure adrenaline rush!


HONDA BAY ISLAND HOPPING TOUR - boat, van, entrance fee, tourguide, buffet lunch.
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Tour inclusions: boat, buffet lunch, entrance fee, permits, tourguide, Roundtrip van transportation from hotel, NOTE:

CITY TOUR - A Visit to the city's historical and cultural spots, City sightseeing includes a visit to the crocodile farm, bakers hill, mitra ranch, baywalk, cathedral, plaza cuartel, Immaculate conception historical cathedra, souvenir shopping. Regular rate in philippine currency 600 pesos per person

Afternoon city tour (1:00pm-5:00pm) Book Now!

Morning Trip (8:00am-12:00noon) Book Now!


BATAK TRIBE TOUR - BY REQUEST - Php1500 per person minimum of 6.

FIREFLY WATCHING TOUR - -boat, van, entrance fee, buffet dinner. You will be welcomed by countless fireflies inhabiting the river banks and amazing glow of bio luminous plankton in the river. Visitors can at the same time enjoy stargazing amidst the quiet darkness of the wilderness a truly unique experience. 6:00 pm pick up time

TOUR INCLUSIONS: Buffet dinner, boat, guide, Roundtrip van transportation.RATE:1300/pax

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,br> DOS PALMAS DAY TOUR - Php2500
VAN TRANSPORTATION ( Assembly area NCCC mall to the wharf and vice versa)
6:30 AM assembly - 5:00 PM

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