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Puerto Princesa City Major Awards

• Earth Day Award, 1993

• “Hoy! Gising” Award, 1993

• Best Local Government Unit Award, 1994

• Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Award, 1994

• Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Award for Bantay Puerto Program, 1994

• Award of Excellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1994

• Best Tourist Destination, 1994

• Peace Award, 1995

• Commerce and Conscience Award, 1995

• Cleanest Inland Body of Water, Region IV, 1995

• Nutrition Green Banner Award, 1995

• Award of Excellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1995

• Most Outstanding Performer of the Year, 1996

• Best City Police Station, 1996

• Best Local Government Unit, 1996

• Management Awards of Asia (for Development Management), 1996

• Gawad Pamana ng Lahi (Heritage Award), 1996

• Likas-Yaman Awards for Environmental Execellence, 1996

• Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Awards (1996) for: The Oplan Linis Program; The City Satellite Hospitals; and The City Satellite Libraries

• Most Active Proponent of Coastal Clean-up, 1996

• Hall of Fame Award (Regional Clean and Green), 1996

• Award of Execellence: Cleanest and Greenest Component City of the Philippines, 1996

• Global 500 Roll of Honour Award (United Nations Environment Programme), 1997

• Gantimpalang Panglingkod (GALING-POOK) Award for Carabao and Tractor Pool, 1997

• Hall of Fame Award (Asian Institute of Management), 1997

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