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Honda Bay, one of the Philippine's premiere tourist destinations, Palawan. It is host to several of the most exclusive resorts in the country. With its white sand beaches, magnificent landscape, fishing villages and rainforests, it is a favorable destination of adventurers and nature lovers. Honda Bay is just a few minutes north of city proper, hop onto a boat and go isand hopping at the emerald waters of Honda Bay.

There are several islands, each offering a different beauty and excitements. Snake Island, a long sandbar that slithers on the surface of the sea, much like the critter that bears its name.

Starfish Island, fun finding of varied sizes and colors of starfishes.

Lu-li Islet, a short term for "lulubog-lilitaw", a tiny islet that is visible at ebb tide and disappears under water during high tide.

Pandan Island, it has a small drop offs and good reefs, great site for snorkeling and diving. Señorita Island, offer a glimpse of fish cage and seaweed culture.

The island resort of Dos Palmas with a variety of activities to enjoy such as; ocean and mangrove kayaking, fishing, boat rides, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Bat Island, watch in awe thousands of bats making their way out.

Cowrie Island, pictureque, ideal for picnic trips or simply basking under the sun and lazing around the sand.
Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

RATE: 1500 philippine currency per person
Book Now! Sites/Places to Visit: (Depending on weather conditions
- LuLi Island (Lulubog Lilitaw Island)
- Cowrie Island
- Starfish Island
Important Notes:
- Snorkel gear (mask and breathing tube) and aqua shoes are for rent.
- Pambato Reef and Snake Island has been declared by DENR as protected and are no longer open for the public.
- Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour (Seat-in coach)
- Air-conditioned van transfers
- Buffet Lunch
- Boat Transfers
- Licensed Tour guide
- Environmental Fee
- Entrance Fees
- Shed Rentals

Pickup Time: TO BE ADVISED 1-DAY BEFORE TOUR (Usually starts at 0640H)

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